MYX Fitness Bike Reviews (2021): Is MYX The Best Budget Spin Bike?

The saying “health is wealth” may be considered a cliché, but convey so much truth. A man who shows indifference towards his health may even be supposed to be suicidal. Do I have your attention yet?

That said, it’s common knowledge that one of the essential means of maintaining good health is exercising. By “essential”, I want you to imagine hydrogen atom (H) in the composition of water (H2O). You know how vital food is to your health, exercising would only fall a level below food should there be grading on “factors that contribute to good health”. This is why some people go jogging or, at the very least, walking; some have gym routines or yoga classes.

Nevertheless, sometimes, there are days your schedule was unanticipated upended or you were just downright lazy. Hence, that consistency in having to visit the gym becomes almost unachievable. 

I bear good news: Home fitness. You are probably not new to the phrase. For some, it was just the alternative option when going to the gym becomes a herculean task. But permit me to educate you why this might be the next big thing for your keeping-fit.

Now, of course, your idea of home fitness must have changed over the past year because of the pandemic. You were forced to adopt the idea when the gyms were closed. Even now that you could visit a gym, the state of hygiene is questionable.

You may find it uncomfortable to use a machine after someone or to work out in a crowd, especially when the pandemic protocols are not being fully observed.

I wrote that to introduce you to a home fitness product: the MYX bike.

Okay, hold on right here. I’m Mandy; I can deduce the question on your mind right now. There’s a reason why using the gym was a fine option: gym instructors, who guide you on befitting workouts. How would a bike help with that? Before we get into the detailed review of the MYX bike, let’s discuss MYX fitness.

influencer riding MYX and promotes with a review
Everyone loves a MYX fitness bike!
a very pretty woman using MYX bike touchscreen
Lookin’ real good riding that bike honey bunny!

Reviewing MYX Fitness: A Complete Home Gym System

According to Healthline’s description, MYX Fitness is a “home workout system designed to promote better health and help you reach your fitness goals”. The fitness program includes an MYX bike – a Star Trac stationary bike. The bike is connected to the MYX app, and here’s the beauty of this home workout system. the app is there to provide you access to workout guides, which includes yoga, Pilates, spin classes, Barre, and meditation; basically, everything you’d get with a gym instructor at the gym. Other benefits of the MYX app include progress tracking; the interactive screen touch monitor that comes with the bike displays your heart rate, workout time, and the quantity of burned calories.

complete home gym system with MYX Fitness

While the MYX fitness makes working out at home easier and productive, regardless of your fitness level; it is, however, lacking in some vital features you’ll find in some other brands. Nevertheless, it’s convenient and economical as compared to visiting the gym.

How Does MYX Fitness Work?

Everything you need to enjoy the MYX fitness accompanies the MYX bike. However, to enjoy full functionality, you will have to create a monthly membership subscription with the fitness app.

The MYX fitness app offers fitness classes in its hundreds, and new workout guides are added to the list weekly.

workout app with myx fitness
choose to workout on YOUR time with their pretty sick app!

Thus are the classes you can subscribe for through MYX fitness:

  • Rhythm ride
  • Barre
  • Ride, tone, and restore
  • Shadowboxing
  • Body-weight high-intensity interval training
  • Total body sculpt
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

It is noteworthy that all offered workouts – the app includes heart rate zone training. That is, you get to monitor your heart rate to determine the intensity of your workout. Alongside is a feature that helps to determine your fitness level, monitors your heart rate zone targets; consequently, keeping track of the progress of your home fitness routine.

dumbbell workouts off the myx bike
Get ripped with MYX’s dumbbell workouts off the bike.

Advantages of MYX Fitness

  • Sturdy, commercial-grade bike
  • Connects to Bluetooth headphone and offers good music
  • Personalized heart rate zone training
  • Integrates with Apple health
  • A large and varied on-demand class library
  • Companion app supports scheduling

Disadvantages of MYX Fitness

  • Membership cost
  • No live classes or leader boards (although this point is relative)
  • No display of cadence on screen
  • Lacks integration with Strava and Fitbit

Review of The MYX Fitness Bike

Design and Features

The Star Trac bike of the MYX fitness comes with a 21.5” touch screen monitor that’s mounted on the handlebars. The monitor is not fixed; you can swivel it around in a complete roundabout movement, and you can also tilt it up and down for the perfect viewing angle while carrying out your workout when on the bike or off it.

the myx fitness bike reviewed
The budget bike from Greenwich, CT that partnered with BeachBody!

The bike is generally sturdy and compact. It weighs 134 pounds without the screen. That means riders with up to 350 pounds of weight can perform their workouts on it without fear of damage. The entire machine measures 54” L by 21” W by 41” H, making it suitable for riders between 4 ft 11 inches to 6 ft 8 in. Riders can perform their workout with regular athletic shoes (or SPD cleats, if you like).

Comparing Peloton vs MYX Fitness Bike

AT this point, it’s noteworthy that the MYX bike has been compared (and preferred, for some) to its counterpart: the Peloton bike. The Peloton bike became quite popular during the pandemic but is not the only connected exercise bike on the market. Peloton offers a competitive style of training where you are worked hard to keep up against a leader board, but the MYX fitness is for different kinds of users – those whose exercising is not motivated by competition.

peloton vs myx fitness bike review
Is MYX Fitness bike as good as Peloton?

The focus of the latter is you – an individualized approach, offering a training approach based on your heart rate. That is why MYX does not include live classes or leader boards; it’s not you versus others but you versus you as the MYX fitness guides to keep your health up. So, as long as you’re working right (around heart rate zones) and keeping your BPM up, you’re taking advantage of the MYX fitness. This is typically excellent for folks who are either new to indoor exercising or, as I earlier opined, are not motivated by competition.

The Peloton bike requires Delta-compatible clip-in shoes but the MYX bike is compatible with regular athletic shoes.

One of the major differences between these two bikes is the price and value offered per price, and even more than half the price of a Peloton bike, considering the recent drop in the latter’s price. When you consider that the price of an MYX bike is half the price of the other, coupled with your goal in terms of house fitness, the MYX bike will save you some bucks. 

What do I mean? If you’re looking at pushing yourself to the limit, there is no argument there, Peloton bike is the right option despite the price. But if you’re an average rider, looking at adding new workouts to your routine and just get fit for yourself (and lover, perhaps), the MYX bike is really solid to meet your needs.

Do I Have to Assemble The MYX Bike Myself?

Might I add that assembling the machine comes at no stress and no cost? There is an operative who will put the pieces together for you and place the bike in the position of your choice in the house. All that is required of you after setup is to connect the bike to your Wi-Fi. Assuming there was no in-house service, the setup is quite simple. Most parts of the bike are already assembled at arrival; other things that require attachment are the touch screen and the power cord. Well, you might need strong men to move the bike for you, though.

assembly with myx fitness is easy
The delivery guys come, set up the bike and then you ride it – it’s that simple!

How Much Room Is Needed With MYX’s Exercise Bike?

The manufacturer advises placing the bike in a room with a ceiling as high as 7ft with enough space to accommodate the bike for your workouts, say 4ft to 6 ft of floor space. Don’t forget to place it somewhere close to your Wi-Fi because it requires an internet speed of at least 10Mbps for optimal streaming. Well, you should also consider a power outlet for the positioning of the bike.

Having done all, you can now put it on your bike and create a profile.

Specs, Pros and Cons With the MYX Fitness Bike


  • Type: Indoor Cycle
  • Frame: Welded Steel
  • Pedals: Toe Cages
  • Display: 21.5” HD Touchscreen
  • Adjustable Seat: Yes; horizontally and vertically
  • Resistance Type: Mechanical Friction Resistance System
  • Drive: Belt
  • Portable: Yes
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Bluetooth Headphone support: Yes
  • Heart rate Monitoring: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Pros Associated With MYX Fitness Bike

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Swiveling screen for off-bike workouts
  • Most affordable in-home fitness bike category
  • 41-pound flywheel
  • 350-pound user weight capacity
  • Inexpensive monthly subscription
  • The option of clip-in shoes or standard toe cages
  • Additional ergonomic adjustments
  • Engaging professional coaches
  • Independent volume controls for both trainer and music
  • Transport wheels
  • Half the price of Peloton

Cons With MYX Fitness Bike

  • Limited interaction between instructor and rider
  • Short warranty period
  • Tailored training service needs work
  • Working Out with MYX Fitness Bike

Pump Up That Heart Rate (and other cool features)!

I believe one of the best features of the MYX fitness bike is the heart rate zone training. The machine comes with a Polar OH1 armband, which you can comfortably strap on your arm. You can make use of it by pressing the button on the side to turn it on, then, on the bike screen, select the workout of your choice. After then, on the screen is the HR Monitor button, press it to pair the armband and the bike.

heart rate monitor when riding myx fitness bike
Get that heart rate going, and smile – because fitness is fun!

Another feature is headphone compatibility. You can pair Bluetooth headphones with the bike by pressing the Headphones button on the screen. Note that you can simultaneously connect the bike to your armband and Bluetooth headphones.

How to read your heart rate is simple. The color-coded metrics box will you help you with that; blue, green, and orange indicate zone 1, 2, and 3 respectively. These zones mean comfortable, challenging, and unsustainable zones respectively. Also in the metric box (on the left side of the screen) is an indicator of your current heart rate, a graph of your heart rate throughout the workout, minimum and maximum heart rate, and calories burned.

At the upper left side of the screen are time indicators that show how long you’ve been working out and the time left. Should you have to break away from exercising, there’s a pause control you can.

Generally, the MYX fitness bike is easy to use; it has no high learning curve. You’ll easily get a hang of operating the bike, especially with the instructor feature, which, for instance, tells you which heart rate zone you should be in at a particular workout session. In such a moment, you only need to adjust your resistance knob and pace in accordance.

You also get to enjoy the Score Assessment Ride feature that personalizes your heart rate zone and gauges your cardiovascular fitness per the baseline MYX score metric over time.


  • How noisy is the MYX fitness bike?

The bike is easy and comfortable to use for workout without waking up the house, even in the dead of the night. For a machine with a whirling wheel, the noise by-product is almost negligible such that you don’t have to worry about noise pollution. Although it’s noisier than the Peloton bike, it is not significant because its small amount of noise is due to the physical contact of parts used to create drag.

  • Can I stream other apps on MYX fitness device?

The MYX fitness bike is largely only compatible with the MYX fitness app, of which a full membership is required for you to access its full functionality. The MYX media supports streaming non-fitness content on your tablet but the MYX tablet is only restricted to MYX content. Downloading unsupported content violates the terms and conditions, including the warranty terms and conditions. In cases of damage, troubleshooting support cannot be provided.

  • Do I need cycling shoes to use the MYX fitness bike?

The MYX fitness bike is not restricted to cycling shoes. You can use both the cycling shoes or general athletic shoes.

  • Does the MYX fitness bike track your performance?

The fitness bike comes with a heart rate monitor with which you can track your heart rate during workout. It also helps to create your personalized custom heart rate zones when you create your MYX profile.

  • What is SmartMYX?

It’s a software on the MYC fitness that schedules what fitness program to start out with; you would not have to think of what to do. The scheduled program is based on your fitness goals and commitments. You can change these goals weekly and the SmartMYX will reconfigure to tell you which workout will help you reach your goal.

MYX Fitness Bike Review Conclusion

All in all, what the MYX fitness bike offers is impressive, especially for its affordable price, although the period of warranty calls for concern. Fitness bikes usually have a warranty as high as 5, 10 years, but the 1-year warranty MYX offers shouldn’t pose a problem as long as it meets your needs for a long period without stress. More so, knowing the manufacturer of the fitness bike, one may beat his chest for its longevity.

If you prefer personal training sessions to class-like ones, and at the same time, desire to be consistent with your workout routine, then, the MYX fitness bike will be the right choice of fitness bike to consider purchasing. The MYX fitness bike will not only make you stay fit and healthy (from exercising), it will also hold you accountable to your fitness goals.

What is the bottom line? The MYX fitness bike is convenient, cost-effective as an alternative option to other home fitness bikes on the market. Aside from its inability to join live classes or compete with friends, there is nothing else you need for home fitness that it shouldn’t be able to offer. Then again, one may argue that its many classes available on the MYX app (including the weekly updates) have made up for a large part of the absence of a live coach.