Mandy has taken my post pregnancy body twice and morphed it back to a pre baby body. She has been there for support whenever I have needed her.
courtney-pregnant courtney-before courtney-post-pregnancy
She has a heart for helping and a toughness to push you when you need it. This is a program for people that want to look their best and are willing to do what it takes.

You don’t just get in shape with Mandy, you grow and learn during the process.
That is what we are here to do, grow and learn. It Is tough, but sticking to it even when you don’t feel like it or when obstacles pop up will be worth it all. Mandy is definitely living proof of perseverance. Her joy for life shows in everything she does.

Leigh Ann Reilly – BeSpun

leigh-ann-before-afterMandy Keeps It fun And Interesting

As the owner of one of the top pole dance schools in the world, it is essential that I stay in great physical shape.

However, it is difficult to juggle operating business, teaching clients, and keeping up with my own training and fitness.

I had a national competition to prepare for and realized I wasn’t in the best physical condition.

While working to get back in top shape, I serendipitously met Mandy Blank.

She crafted a consistent one-on-one training routine that gave me the tools I needed to perform at the top of my game.

In ten weeks, I lost twenty pounds, gained muscle and maintained the feminine physic that is ideal in my sport. Mandy’s teaching style and ingenuity allowed for each workout to remain fun and interesting.

I use her techniques to maintain my competition body & recommend Mandy to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness.
Dave King

dave-kingMandy helped me improve muscle density and tone. Three years ago I injured my right shoulder in a co-ed softball league where the men were required to hit opposite of their dominant side. After my first day of batting practice I could barely raise my right arm.

Being the athlete that I was, I gave it a couple days rest and then quickly got back into gym to try and work through the pain. Unfortunately, the injury had not improved after several weeks, so I took the next logical step to seeing an orthopedic surgeon. I was told I had torn my right labrum and surgery was my only option.


After having surgery, I was finally able to get back to the gym with very low intensity workouts. Still faced with pain and other rehabilitation issues, my motivation dwindled to the point where the gym just wasn’t fun anymore.

The shoulder pain interfered with almost anything I did so I compensated by avoiding my active lifestyle. I quickly became very sedentary. Friends, food, and fun were my primary interest and my overall health suffered. Although my shoulder had improved over time, bad eating habits and lack of exercise had caught up to me.

Realizing where I was heading, I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes quickly.

  • I wanted to try something different
  • something that would ignite my motivation
  • get me back to where I was 3 years ago.

Being a fan of Mandy’s since she appeared on the scene, and seeing some of her motivational words on Facebook, I decided to give her 30-day Warrior Program a shot. Knowing that Mandy was behind me, I instantly became motivated for the challenge.

To be honest, the first time I looked at the menu I was a little discouraged. I didn’t think that I would be able to get through a day without cheating on a diet that was so different from anything I had ever done in the past.

After the first few days I realized how much of an effect the quality of food I was eating had on my overall mood, motivation and energy levels. I saw instant results!
  • My body was retaining less water
  • my clothes were fitting looser around my waist line and tighter around my arms.
  • In 30 days my body had transformed into much tighter look while maintaining a lean and muscular physique.
  • In 30 days I was able to lose four pounds of body weight and almost three inches around my waist.
  • Instead of 30 minute workouts, I had the energy and desire to go an hour or more each time I visited the gym.

Mandy’s Warrior Program also helped me improve muscle density and tone which usually suffers when trying to lose too much weight in such a short period of time. I can’t say enough about what I have been able to open my mind up to, Mandy’s training works!


beatriceMandy taught me about nutrition and how to follow a diet.

I am a business owner, a Mom of 2 kids and a former athlete of the European sport Handball. I always felt good, but I wanted to take things to another level.

I would see Mandy in my store, Bizzy B and I was impressed with how she maintained her look and shape. No more yo-yo diets for me!
Mandy taught me about nutrition and how to follow a diet plan that gave me the results you see now.

She has a unique way of teaching and knows how to motivate you.

Mandy really cares and I love that about her. She pays attention and makes sure you are following the plan and getting the workouts done. I’m in my 40’s and Mandy’s workouts have given me a new energy. Thank you Mandy for my life changing transformation!
beatrice-1 beatrice-2
Photos By: Christopher Bordeaux

Dozie Onyeabor

Ever since I stopped playing football, I’ve had trouble slimming down. The problem was I still had the appetite and workout regimen as a football player (carbs/proteins–heavy weights/low reps). I tried crossfit and such but it didn’t help me achieve my goal, in fact I was more jacked with tons of shoulder and lower back problems.
dozie1 dozie2 dozie3

When I stumbled upon Mandy Blank and her health improvement program, I just knew that she was gonna help me achieve my goal(s).

The one thing I didn’t see coming was how she went about doing it; she truly caters to my needs with the health menu and workout regimen she has instructed for me.
I’m making progress towards my goals but with Mandy, she helps you realize that that’s just the beginning to a longer, healthier life.

Sarah Bashinelli

“I was always active growing up, but something was missing and I couldn’t figure out what it was. As hard as I worked on my own, I struggled to get the the results I tried so hard to see. I knew I needed a change.
photo-2 photo-1-e1378063009424 photo-1_1-e1378062885604

In high school  I learned that I had a medical condition that caused my body to react like a diabetic to certain foods. The doctor informed me that it may be difficult to lose weight or see bodily changes. I was devastated.

I had worked so hard for so many years, and felt as though all that hard work meant nothing, until I discovered Mandy.

Mandy Blank has been someone I consider a mentor. I informed her of my condition and the training I had done in the past, and she never gave up on me. She stuck with me from day one and checked on me frequently despite her demanding daily schedule.

She literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I am now training to compete and I am in the best shape of my life.

With Mandy’s training and guidance, I was able to be taken off my medication that I was suppose to be on for the rest of my life. I don’t know where I would be without her. Her guidance and faith in me as her client will always stick with me.

I know she will be someone that will always be a part of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for her.”

Recent Posts

2017 Spring Training Programs

Mandy Blank Fitness Spring Specials!

All of my workout routines are customized to fit your lifestyle, goal, level and condition. Review the available programs below and choose the one that’s best for you.

spring training fitness program



Tiny Waist Line Training ( SEXY ABDOMINAL PROGRAM ) – $199.00

 🔥TOP SELLER! Summer Body Ready🔥
•12 Week BLANKSTA WARRIOR BODY – $499.00

All of my services provide the following with each program.

• Customized Workouts
• Designer Meal Plans
• Coaching & Accountability
• VIA-Text Support

Each online program has different features, here are the features for each program.

🔥6 WEEK CHALLENGE • Delving hard into a short but yet effective program to prep for summer bikini body, feeling confident, sexy and free!
• 15 Customized Workouts
• 6 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

A short but effective program to crush and delete your belly fat! Conquering a flat, tiny, sexy waistline for summer time!
• 10 Customized Workouts
• 4 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

Spending the spring to soar for the summer and be ultra sexy in a bikini!
• 12 Customized Workouts
• 10 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

My nutrition menus are a combination of organic proteins, healthy fats and super foods. The  menus include  5 to 7 Designer meals and OR 3 meals and two snacks. All of my material is sent through email and sent to you directly each week on Thursday afternoon, so that you have time to meal prep and conquer your fitness goals!

I train everybody regardless of gender, age, shape or size. You’re never too old or too young to get started on your fitness and nutrition journey.

Depending on your goals and condition. I give every customer / client  a different formula according to what you need and want to accomplish through your journey with me.

I know you have questions. Take that first step and Contact Me today. Tell me your story and I’ll help you get to where you want to be with your fitness and nutrition.

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