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link-15  Fitness Training Programs By Mandy Blank

🔥 2017 Spring Training Specials – View The Details 🔥

There are a number of ways you can train with me. In person or online. All of my programs are custom designed to meet your needs. Contact Me , with any questions.

link-15  Online Fitness Training With Customization

-All workouts are one-of-a-kind, customized specifically for your needs.
-Tailored 5 day weekly workouts every two weeks with video instruction
-All information and correspondence are made via e-mail.
-Routines are 1 hour long and consist of cardio, abdominal workout,
strength training and stretching.
-Workouts are sent to members every Friday evening
-Unlimited Usage for duration of package
-Direct contact and coaching with Mandy Blank
-tech support

link-15  Nutrition Package

-All nutritional menus are customized according
to your health, history and condition
-You will receive 1-2 menus every 2 weeks
depending on your fitness goals
-Menus contain 3-4 meals and 2-3 snacks
-Meal plans are made up of organic veggies,
proteins, healthy fats, organic fruits and
complex carbohydrates
-Menus are gluten free, dairy free, yeast free
and sugar free depending on your dietary needs
-Menus are alkaline supported to help your body
maintain a healthy pH and remove toxins
-Includes many of Mandy Blank’s favorite recipes!

link-15  Online Training with Nutrition Customized

-The ultimate combination for online subscribers
-Tailored weekly workouts and video instruction
-One-of-a-kind menus customized to your dietary needs
-Direct contact with Mandy and tech support
-Includes Mandy’s favorite recipes

link-15 Online Competition Prep Customized ( I have trained winners )

-Five tailored workouts for every two week period
-Tech support
-Direct contact with Mandy
-12 weeks

link-15 My services include and are based on the following:
• Competition PREP // Posing // Routine • Structure // Coaching
• Customized Nutrition ( Alkalized Supported )
• Conditioning & Agility Training • Strength Training
• Dance Movement and Boxing • Gymnastics Training • Core Strengthening • Flexibility and Stretch • Meditation and Spiritual Healing • Rehab & Injury Restructuring

link-15Feel free to contact me with any question you may have about my fitness training programs or about your fitness goals. Click Here To Contact Me.

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2017 Spring Training Programs

Mandy Blank Fitness Spring Specials!

All of my workout routines are customized to fit your lifestyle, goal, level and condition. Review the available programs below and choose the one that’s best for you.

spring training fitness program



Tiny Waist Line Training ( SEXY ABDOMINAL PROGRAM ) – $199.00

 🔥TOP SELLER! Summer Body Ready🔥
•12 Week BLANKSTA WARRIOR BODY – $499.00

All of my services provide the following with each program.

• Customized Workouts
• Designer Meal Plans
• Coaching & Accountability
• VIA-Text Support

Each online program has different features, here are the features for each program.

🔥6 WEEK CHALLENGE • Delving hard into a short but yet effective program to prep for summer bikini body, feeling confident, sexy and free!
• 15 Customized Workouts
• 6 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

A short but effective program to crush and delete your belly fat! Conquering a flat, tiny, sexy waistline for summer time!
• 10 Customized Workouts
• 4 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

Spending the spring to soar for the summer and be ultra sexy in a bikini!
• 12 Customized Workouts
• 10 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

My nutrition menus are a combination of organic proteins, healthy fats and super foods. The  menus include  5 to 7 Designer meals and OR 3 meals and two snacks. All of my material is sent through email and sent to you directly each week on Thursday afternoon, so that you have time to meal prep and conquer your fitness goals!

I train everybody regardless of gender, age, shape or size. You’re never too old or too young to get started on your fitness and nutrition journey.

Depending on your goals and condition. I give every customer / client  a different formula according to what you need and want to accomplish through your journey with me.

I know you have questions. Take that first step and Contact Me today. Tell me your story and I’ll help you get to where you want to be with your fitness and nutrition.

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