Figure Bikini Competition

If you’re a competitor taking part in a figure bikini competition this year I’m available to be your contest prep coach. Take advantage of my experience from Top 10 finishes at the IFBB World Championships, the WBFF Shows, World Arnold Classic, Fitness Nationals, and the Debbie Kruck Classic.

figure bikini competition

Together we will work on your fitness training, diet and posing. You will get a personalized custom workout program every 2 weeks. You will have direct contact with me.

I’ve been a winner and I have trained winners, I know what it takes. We’ll work on your body and with me you get the added benefit of training your mind. How you feel and what you think is just, if not, more important!

The Art Of Fitness means we will get creative and have fun.

There are 12, 15 and 20 week programs available for you to prep for your competition. The timeframe can be adjusted. Contact Me Today , tell me where you’re competing and the goals your aiming for before your big show.

All the best to everyone competing this year.