2017 Spring Training Programs

Mandy Blank Fitness Spring Specials!

All of my workout routines are customized to fit your lifestyle, goal, level and condition. Review the available programs below and choose the one that’s best for you.

spring training fitness program



Tiny Waist Line Training ( SEXY ABDOMINAL PROGRAM ) – $199.00

 🔥TOP SELLER! Summer Body Ready🔥
•12 Week BLANKSTA WARRIOR BODY – $499.00

All of my services provide the following with each program.

• Customized Workouts
• Designer Meal Plans
• Coaching & Accountability
• VIA-Text Support

Each online program has different features, here are the features for each program.

🔥6 WEEK CHALLENGE • Delving hard into a short but yet effective program to prep for summer bikini body, feeling confident, sexy and free!
• 15 Customized Workouts
• 6 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

A short but effective program to crush and delete your belly fat! Conquering a flat, tiny, sexy waistline for summer time!
• 10 Customized Workouts
• 4 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

Spending the spring to soar for the summer and be ultra sexy in a bikini!
• 12 Customized Workouts
• 10 Designer Menus to go with your training and goals.
• Coaching & Accountability

My nutrition menus are a combination of organic proteins, healthy fats and super foods. The  menus include  5 to 7 Designer meals and OR 3 meals and two snacks. All of my material is sent through email and sent to you directly each week on Thursday afternoon, so that you have time to meal prep and conquer your fitness goals!

I train everybody regardless of gender, age, shape or size. You’re never too old or too young to get started on your fitness and nutrition journey.

Depending on your goals and condition. I give every customer / client  a different formula according to what you need and want to accomplish through your journey with me.

I know you have questions. Take that first step and Contact Me today. Tell me your story and I’ll help you get to where you want to be with your fitness and nutrition.

Spring Training

Spring Training Has Begun!!!!! Skinny Waist Line & 6 Pack Training

skinny waistline six pack training

I don’t expect my athletes and clients to be at my level, but most of my WARRIORS end up becoming an elite athlete and champion anyway, while you take this journey with me.

Ultra important for core and our center, because when you’re stomach is strong and mighty then everything else is too.

I like to incorporate several different unique variations into my routines// private sessions to help each client become solid and a W. A. R. R. I. O. R. We usually complete 300-500 abdominals throughout our routines.

Watch this Instagram video with BosU ball for skinny waist line obliques and long torso, plus it gets the DELTS!

Fitness Leader

A true leader, is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. A true leader is someone who gets people to do the greatest things in their life!

I turned 40 in 2016. Fitness, health and my well being still remains a big part of my life. I get a tremendous joy from passing on my experience to others. You can do great things.

fitness leader

Choose to be with and around, those who enlighten your growth, give you the freedom to be yourself, to be your very best! We only get one life to be happy and filled up with the ultimate L. O. V. E.

My task as a fitness leader is to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. Tell me your story. Where to you want to go with your fitness, health and well being. Let me lead you there. Contact Me Here.

WBFF Fitness Diva

Jennifer Paolucci – Amateur WBFF Fitness Diva Model.

Jennifer came to me with the goal of getting back on stage and competing again. It had been 10 years since she last took to the stage in a NPC competition.

Her target when she asked me to be her prep coach was the WBFF PRO AM in Los Angeles on April 23rd, 2016.

wbff fitness diva LA PRO AM

I designed a plan for her. She followed the plan. She created the experience and then owned the glory as she placed Top 5 in the Amateur Diva Fitness Model division.

Jennifer amazed me with her work ethic and the amount of obstacles she went through before show time. Her hard work, positive thoughts and feelings manifested into an unmistakable will to achieve her goal. She did it! I was so proud and amazed to have worked with her in my chamber.

Five weeks before her WBFF debut Jennifer reflected on what her mindset was, these are her words and they are important.

“Learning to turn self criticism into constructive criticism and THEN into positive movement… is not an easy skill to achieve. But it is one of the most monumental skills one can utilize. Not only will it allow for growth, but since like energy attracts like energy, positive thoughts will literally cultivate an environment rich with that which you are trying to achieve. Just as negative thoughts will sabotage momentum. So, if you must criticize yourself, but be kind with your thoughts. And use them to fuel your fire. “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.”

Your transformation is more than just changing your body, it’s about your mind and spirit too. The first word in Jennifer’s quote is, learning. Always be ready to learn from your success and your failures.

wbff fitness diva top 5 2016 LA

Jennifer Prepping For Her WBFF Debut

Contest season is happening for The WBFF — Contact Me to get started on your journey.
Bikini and Fitness competitors — are you ready to become the next WBFF Fitness Diva Super Star.

In 2015 three competitors that trained with me placed in the top 10 and top 5 at WBFF Shows. Mandi (Amanda) Tosch, Whitney Johns and Mandi Serrano. Let’s make 2016 your year to shine.

Figure Bikini Competition

If you’re a competitor taking part in a figure bikini competition this year I’m available to be your contest prep coach. Take advantage of my experience from Top 10 finishes at the IFBB World Championships, the WBFF Shows, World Arnold Classic, Fitness Nationals, and the Debbie Kruck Classic.

figure bikini competition

Together we will work on your fitness training, diet and posing. You will get a personalized custom workout program every 2 weeks. You will have direct contact with me.

I’ve been a winner and I have trained winners, I know what it takes. We’ll work on your body and with me you get the added benefit of training your mind. How you feel and what you think is just, if not, more important!

The Art Of Fitness means we will get creative and have fun.

There are 12, 15 and 20 week programs available for you to prep for your competition. The timeframe can be adjusted. Contact Me Today , tell me where you’re competing and the goals your aiming for before your big show.

All the best to everyone competing this year.