The Art Of Fitness

Beauty Begins When We Decide To Be Ourselves…
Self confidence Is the most attractive thing, on a woman and a man.

How can anyone see it, if you can’t. Wake up today knowing your worth.
Know your gifts and your stand in your FAITH and most importantly your SEXINESS.

The Art of Fitness helps you discover your inner truths and create your outer strength.

Experienced Personal Trainer

Being an experienced personal trainer for 20 years I’ve learned that what works for some people doesn’t always work for everyone. The method and approach is always going to be different for everyone. That’s why I custom design the programs I teach.

experienced personal trainer

The personalized attention I give to each one of my clients is important to me and it gives you a better experience with your fitness journey. No one gets the same program. It all depends on your goals, condition and level. You are unique and your fitness and diet program should reflect who you are.

Follow up today and reach out to me with courage! I want to work with those who want it and need it. You can do this. Tell me what has held you back from reaching your desired goals. We all have our weaknesses and I’ll work with you to overcome them.

A Body By Blank is A Body For You. Custom Designed To Meet Your Needs.

Watch Nikki Doing Her Mandy Moves.

Contact Me Here with your story.

New Pictures – Gymnastics and Dance For Fitness.

Figure Bikini Competition

If you’re a competitor taking part in a figure bikini competition this year I’m available to be your contest prep coach. Take advantage of my experience from Top 10 finishes at the IFBB World Championships, the WBFF Shows, World Arnold Classic, Fitness Nationals, and the Debbie Kruck Classic.

figure bikini competition

Together we will work on your fitness training, diet and posing. You will get a personalized custom workout program every 2 weeks. You will have direct contact with me.

I’ve been a winner and I have trained winners, I know what it takes. We’ll work on your body and with me you get the added benefit of training your mind. How you feel and what you think is just, if not, more important!

The Art Of Fitness means we will get creative and have fun.

There are 12, 15 and 20 week programs available for you to prep for your competition. The timeframe can be adjusted. Contact Me Today , tell me where you’re competing and the goals your aiming for before your big show.

All the best to everyone competing this year.

Change Your Diet


There are steps you have to take to achieve a healthy body and mind. Maybe taking on a full workout of diet and training isn’t for you, but an important first step is, you have to change your diet.

Make a diet change your first step. Eating the proper meals is the start of you creating the body you want. Eat more healthy fats for fuel. THRIVE, be better when you eat MORE GREENS SUPER FOODS and ORGANIC PROTEINS.
change your diet custom meal plans

You’ve heard it before, Yo-Yo Diets don’t work

I learned when I was in my 20’s that Yo Yo diets put your body in an uncomfortable state, they create chaos in your gut. Yo Yo diets are too harsh on your gut and mental stability.

I have secrets to how you can change your diet. I not only teach you how and what to eat, I help support and build the COURAGE and BELIEF that you can do it.

Customized to fit your lifestyle, goal, condition and any allergy issues.
Get Started with a One Month Change Your Diet Nutrition Package

change your diet meal example

If you have any questions you’re welcome to contact me.

Online Fitness Training

Online Fitness Training With Mandy Blank

I train and transform all walks of life from all over the world! My routines are a combination of strength training, core strengthening, dance movement, stretch and flexibility, conditioning and gymnastics.

online fitness training

If you can’t come to me in LA you can train with me online. My online fitness training program provides you a combination of elements to help you reach that next level with your fitness goals!

Online Training - You Get The Following
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 All of my material is customized to fit your level, condition and lifestyle

Write to me tell me your story! Tell me what you want to achieve and you will get a customized program that will help you sustain your gains and live in the body you so desire. My programs are solid. You will learn all the facets of fitness and you will have fun!

abs by Mandy Blank

Contact Me and let’s get started on making that lifestyle change you’ve always wanted.

The Mandy Blank Method is all about a “head to toe” total body workout. Learn More.

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